2021 AGM

I reflect and wonder at what a small band of keen people can achieve in their spare time during the course of just twelve months. I look too, at the changes we as a club have made. These changes come thick and fast partly due to regulation and also from necessity. Necessity comes in many forms driven by the health and age of our membership. Armed with enthusiasm and a keen spirit of encouragement I look to the future looking for ways to hold the bond of friendship with all members even though we are spread over wide areas.

The MG car Club has always been built on friendship as our motto reminds us ‘The Marque of Friendship’. Another aspect of the worldwide club is competitiveness, with the numerous displays of the showing of our delightful sport scars to like-minded car enthusiasts and the public at large. As a large number of our members move into their senior years and are restricted in many ways, we as a group, move to accommodate these changes, making sure no member is neglected, on the contrary, assisted and encouraged to take part and contribute to the fellowship.

We thank our current committee, not forgetting committees that have gone before us, laying the course for us to build on for progress into the future.

The Internet with all its new-fangled ways of communication must be embraced but equally important is the more social forms of greeting including phone calling and visits with a good old hug and a smile.
I look forward to the summer of our years where we have more time to get out and about with like-minded friends old and new, young and old.

I am extremely proud to be part of the MG Car Club and look forward to being swept along with your good ideas for our ever-changing  challenges as we move into a new club year.

I thank those who will stand for positions on our committee and especially those putting their name forward as an office bearer. Pride in our club is always being boosted as we see our further upgrades in quality of productions, website, magazine, displays and the contributions we make to the events, Best of British, and our local Autospectacular Car Show.

What more can we achieve? Heaps! It just relies on your imagination, your energy, your support and encouragement. In closing, I, for the Club, wish to thank members for their generosity in giving support by gifts of baking, articles for our magazine, scrap metal for funds, and the support to the families who are suffering from poor health issues.
Thanks and regards Kevin Carter
Vice-President for the MG Car Club (Otago Southland Centre) Inc. 

2021  AGM detail, election of officers

President;  Bill Botting
021 435 181

Vice President;  Kevin Carter
021 189 6126

Secretary;   Sue Allum
027 297 2261

Ross Middlemass
027 236 4306

Club Captain;  Alistair Falconer
022 601 8509

Club Magazine;   Ewan Seager

Archivist;  Russell Walker
027 309 4634

Members and Awards

Tom Price
Clive Donaldson
Don Carter
Doreen Carter

Life Membership;       
Russell and Marie Walker/ Thomson

Concours Cup; voting by People’s Choice;     
Russell and Raewyn Hawkes 

MG Cup;                         
Ewan Seager

​​​​​​​Navigator Trophy;   
Lorna Seagar

ROMAC  Shield; 
Sue Allum

Restoration Cup;         
Ross Middlemass 
​​​​​​​MG TF

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